Superficial is an artificial co-intelligence company. Our mission is to help humanity benefit from artificial intelligence by expanding and improving how people leverage it in their work.
Our work
To achieve our mission, we work to break down the barriers to widespread artificial intelligence adoption in enterprise.

We do this by building and deploying highly-customised, enterprise-grade AI agents for working professionals.

Enterprise-Grade Deployment

We have a proven deployment process that stages your investment and ensures successful adoption and utilisation amongst your staff.
We provide up front and ongoing hands-on training to ensure your staff get the most from their agents and your investment.
Users get access to our Prompt Library - a helpful resource of role-specific prompts to help them continually learn and get value from their agents.

Enterprise-Grade Agents

We build custom co-intelligence agents for individuals and their roles and responsibilities. Our agents are trained with best practice, role-relevant training material and fine tuned for contextual awareness of their users and their operating environment. Agents continue to learn from their users and become more individualised and helpful over time.
Our agents are built atop multiple Large Language Models (LLMs). We use the best model for the job at hand and upgrade to new models regularly so you're not locked into any one provider.
We mask all confidential personal and organisational data so that your data stays secure and is never shared with any third party or used to train any underlying Large Language Model (LLM).
Superficial is the only enterprise-grade artifical co-intelligence platform, built on multiple leading models.
AI Agents help us do better work, in less time, and narrow the performance gap between low and high performers.1


Increase in productivity on a selection of tasks


Increase in quality on a selection of tasks


Increase in speed on a selection of tasks
1 Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality, Harvard Business School, 2023.

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We’re passionate about artificial intelligence and its ability to improve how we work.
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