How we deploy our agents is as important as the agents themselves.
enterprise-grade deployment
We work with only a small group of companies at any given time and onboard new professionals in scheduled cohorts. This ensures each cohort gets our full attention and support to set them up for success.

Our next onboarding is scheduled for July 01 2024.

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Our Deployment Process

Step 1

Request Call

We like to start with a call to understand your goals and how we might be a fit.

Our goals for this step are to:
Agree on a go-forward strategy and onboarding timeframe
Agree on a proof of concept structure
Step 2

Deliver Proof of Concept

We recommend an initial fixed price, fixed term proof of concept with a small leadership group of between 5-10, before commencing with a wider roll out.

Our goals for this step are to:
Uncover any company-specific requirements to tailor our roll out
Get leadership buy-in to support deployment
Deliver real, tangible benefits to users within the POC
Step 3

Hands On Training

No user gets access to their agent without completing onboarding training.

Our goals with this step are to:
Set a base line of understanding of AI and our agents
Embed agents as part of users' daily routines
Set early users up to be champions to support wider company adoption.
Step 4

Phased Roll Out

Users are onboarded in scheduled cohorts, with each cohort trained and supported throughout.

The goals of this step are to:
Roll out agents to opted-in users and achieve adoption and usage goals.
Provide ongoing training and hands-on support to ensure continued adoption and usage goals are met.
Uncover learnings to continually improve usage and outcomes.
📅 Onboarding #2 begins july 01 2024

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